Low Maintenance Natural Gardens

Wild Gardens

We are all willing to go to great extents to improve the quality of our homes. There are different reasons that would drive us to improve our home. Renovations are done primarily to provide you with a comfortable place, a place you can proudly call home. Another reason to improve your home might be to increase its value once and if you decide to sell it. Various ideas are bound to improve your home.

For the interior, repainting and introducing fresh décor styles might help but what about the exterior? Never judge a book by its cover is an axiom that is more or less true. When visiting an ally for the first time, the first thing you catch a glimpse of is the surroundings of your friend’s house.

The environment is what captures your eye. You will therefore create your first impression depending on the environs. So what is it that can improve the quality of your home’s exterior? Decorating your house in the inside is more often than not easy but the surroundings of your house can prove to be very difficult to improve.

In decorating your environment, decide to colonize your garden. Go wild, think of a wild garden. Wild gardens have become the most natural term used for planting grass in your garden. It is however not as simple as it sounds. Wild gardens are thought of to be forms of un-kept kitchen gardens. Essentially, they are not simply about lifting bulbs and allowing them to be and develop naturally.

There is more to these gardens than meets the eye. This type of gardening involves assembling a garden of plants that grow wild in your region, plants many consider “weeds”. This form of gardening is quite cheap since native plants are easy to propagate from free resources and require little or no care.

It is not necessarily true that gardens that work for domesticated plants will work for native plants. Most native plants do not perform favorably in soil that is too fertile. It is vital to study your area to know which types of native plants will thrive. During planting, include edible plants to make the garden appears one with nature. These edible plants have additional values for instance; raw petals of violets can be served as salads.

Although establishing a wild garden requires a lot of effort in the first years, maintenance drop off once it matures and you are now able to soar the fruits of your labor. Wild gardens are superb home improvement ideas. They are not only elegant but have numerous benefits aside from their aesthetic values.

How to Create a Wildlife Friendly Garden

Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden

A wild-flower garden is possibly as close to nature as we can get. It can remind us of wandering through the woods, perhaps collecting wild flowers, or better still, just admiring them in their natural habitat.

A lot of people say they have no luck at all with a wildflower garden, but it is not luck, it is understanding nature that counts more. The type of habitat that a plant has been used to in life is generally what it needs in the garden. Give it something different, and it will probably die, or at the very least it will not do at all well. So what we are trying to do is mimic nature and transpose that type of habitat to our garden. If we are hunting wildflowers, then we should choose flowers while noticing the kind of soil they are in, the conditions, the surroundings, and the nearby plants.

For example, if we found dog-tooth violets and wind-flowers growing in the same area, perhaps in a semi-shaded part of the woods, then that is how we should re-plant them in our garden. Or if we were to come across a particular type of violet in an open situation; then that’s how it should. You see the point, do be I our wild garden. If we want wild flowers to grow in a tame garden, then we stand a far better chance of success by making them feel at home. Make them believe that they are still in their native habitat.

Wildflowers should be transplanted after they have blossomed, take a trowel and a basket and carefully take up a few beautiful specimens. Be sure to take some of the roots and some of the plant’s soil, then pack it around the roots when replanting. The bed where these plants are to go should be carefully prepared beforehand. It will need some soil from the woods, dark and rich and full of leaf mold, and drainage should be excellent. It may even be that the garden will need to be dug very deeply and stone and gravel put in the bottom. At least a day before planting water the soil well and allow it to settle.

The way to design a wildflower garden is to go with seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, again mimicking nature. Each season’s plants are collected and transplanted after flowering; then the ground is prepared for the following season, and so on. So it will be-be a full year before the fruits of our labor are fully realized. Changes to the design will almost certainly have to be made as the garden matures over time, This is not a task that can be hurried in any way!

Something that must be born in mind before starting the project is that it is sometimes illegal to dig up flowers in the wild, so we must be careful. At the very least permission must be sought from the landowner beforehand – and, once granted, be sure never to leave the natural habitat short of a particular species. A few transplants will soon start to flourish and spread in a garden that is well prepared.
Perhaps your garden needs taming before it is made wild if so a chainsaw might be a required. Check out for honest chainsaw reviews. One is could also be worth a look.

How to Clean a Bathroom and Sink Thoroughly

how to clean a bathroom and sink

A bathroom is supposed to be cleaned before or after work for the day, and that is why you are looking for a guide on how to clean a bathroom.

Here are some important points to consider when cleaning your bathroom.

To ensure that your bathroom remains clean and devoid of any harmful particulates that can make you and your family sick, we have put together a list of reliable, convenient, safe, and affordable cleaning tips for people who want to enjoy a bathroom that sparkles with freshness.


For example, if you have noticed that your faucets appear a bit foggy then you can clean them by wiping them off and then by swabbing them with some vinegar. Next, take a vinegar soaked paper towel or piece of cloth and wrap it around your faucet. Wait about an hour or so and then remove the paper towel or piece of cloth, giving your faucets one last rubdown with a clean towel. If performed properly your bathroom or kitchen faucets should gleam like new.


As for shower doors, they are often breeding grounds for copious amounts of residue as well as soap scum. You can clean them effectively by simply rinsing and wiping them after you have stepped out of the shower. Get into the habit of doing this after every shower and you likely won’t have to worry about soap scum or grime buildup on your shower doors for a very long time. We would also recommend that you use some lemon oil to get rid of soap scum on your shower doors. Then, apply the lemon oil to your shower doors about once a week to prevent soap scum and residue buildup in the future, and you’re set.


What about mildew, you ask? Well, mildew can be avoided by ensuring that your bathroom has solid ventilation. For instance, you can dry your shower and your tub after your shower or bath by running your bathroom’s fan. Then, sheath your tub area by wrapping the shower curtain around your tub. By closing off gaps, you will prevent mildew from getting into any wet and moist folds. We would also recommend that you clean your tiles and your tub using some disinfectant cleaner whenever you have the time, ensuring to rinse and dry your tiles and tub meticulously afterward. If you follow the steps above mildew formation in your bathroom should become a thing of the past.

cleaning your bathroom sink

You need to clean the cabinet out that is located under the sink so it will be easier and so that you will have a lot more area to work with the drain. Once you are beneath the basin, a 1 1/2 inch pipe that connects to the drain and bends to the wall pipes will be in view. This pipe is known as a P trap and continuously reserves water to ensure gas is not sucked back in from the outside sewer pipes, which would create an unpleasant odor.

You will want to have a bowl or jar in which to drain the water that is caught in the P trap.

You should then be able to see an unbent pipe jutting from the basin’s bottom that has a nut and thin metal pole emanating from it. When this nut is removed, the rod should pull right out. This rod is what makes the drain stopper rise and fall. After you take out the rod, you can pull the stopper out of the sink from the top. If your sink is like most, you will find lots of hair connected to it. There is no easy way to clean this part except just to do it. Scrub it down good with some cleaner so no particles are left sticking to it.


Outdoor Storage Ideas

A List of Outdoor Storage Ideas

One of the biggest challenges that we face daily is about storage. Whether we are living in that big house or small room, outdoor storage will still work out for us. How easy do you find it storing some of your items outdoor? Hopefully, these some of the outdoor storage ideas can be of great help for you as you plan to have one.

Idea of building a shack for storing bike

Our bikes tend to be uncomfortable to store in the house. This mostly irritates during the rainy periods. If you do not have a garage, you can use your backyard to construct a shack for your bikes. If you use the space wisely it will compensate the great space that is usually taken over by your bike in the garage.


An outdoor storage locker

In your backyard, you are having this small space and you are wondering what to put here. Take your little time off your duty, could be on a weekend. It will not take much of your time to erect a storage locker. Provided you have the list of required materials. You can use this locker to store your tools such as; spade, hammer, watering cans, your garden boots, and even ye to be used seeds among others.

Outdoor coffee table

Did you know that your outdoor coffee table can as well assist you in your outdoor storage? This will only be possible when you view the space below your outdoor coffee table as being underutilized. You can make your coffee table top hinged to open and use the inner part to store your cushions.

Outdoor storage cabinet

Behind your backdoor, there is this space that you are wondering what to do with it. Here is the best solution to your worries. You can buy a multi-purpose cabinet. Use this cabinet that comes with at least three drawers as your outdoor storage solution. Since this cabinet is secured with padlocks you can have the chance to store some of your valuables here.

Access toy storage

This is the perfect place to store your kid’s toys. This gives them the opportunity see what is in the box because it is made of transparent materials. An access toy also works best for our sports equipment.

Your compound gives the most precious look of your home. Use the available outdoor storage ideas in order to improve the outlook of your home. This list and much more that you may think of when putting into use can solve your outdoor storage ideas.